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Coil Building Tips: How to build a vape Coil

Coil building can be fun. Not only for you but also your pocket –you won’t need to buy new coils every time your coil burns out. More importantly, you get to test your skills as you build by your hand. Coil building can be challenging and messy at first. But, with practice and patience, you’ll get the hang of it over time. Once, you get it right you’ll never look back. The intent of this article is to bring you to the light. Wait! We are not preaching. All we meant is that, you’ll no longer crawl through the dark in matters regarding coil building. From building simple coils to the most complicated coils like claptons. Check out Amazing deals...

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The best type of wire to use for your coil build depends on various factors like the type of device you’re using and the experience level.  Some wires are used for vaping with wattages, some with temperature control and one for both. Here we’ll look at all the different types of wires to help you match your preferences. To do that we’ll need to the first look at the vape wire. Do size and type matter? Okay, both the size and type matters because of four reasons –ramp-up time, TCR, flavour, and vapour production. By varying the size and type of wire, you’ll get different flavours as well experience different challenges and opportunities while building. Let’s dive right in. Wire...

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Vaping is smoking an electronic cigarette or vaporizer. As the vape and e-cigarette culture begins to take over the tobacco industry, many ex-tobacco smokers are moving to vape as a preferred method of nicotine enjoyment. However, many who are now vaping have a vaping style similar to when they were smoking. This style is often not the best way to gain maximum benefit from your vape or e-cigarette. Are you wondering how to vape? What is the best vaping technique to use? Then this post is for you. Buy from us today and save 20% - Full Vaping kits available Firstly, we need to figure out what type of vaping is going to be right for you after which we...

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One of the most challenging things for people when they start vaping is selecting the right level of nicotine in their e-liquid. Getting the best out of your vaporizer requires you to find the nicotine level that is just right for you.   Vaping is the inhaling of a vapour created by an electronic cigarette (e-cig) or other vaping devices. They have cartridges filled with a liquid that contains nicotine, flavourings, and chemicals. The liquid is heated into a vapour which the person inhales that’s why using e-cigarettes is called ‘vaping.’ Visit our range of mods   Vaping puts nicotine into the body. Nicotine is highly addictive and can affect brain development. Nicotine in e-cigarettes can slow brain development in teens...

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‘Pets are humanizing. They remind us we have an obligation and responsibility to preserve and nurture and care for their life’ -JAMES CROMWELL.   It has been considered over the years that pets are like family members and are treated as one. They are available for security, provide us with companionship, emotional support and reduce our stress levels. Additionally, they minimize a sense of loneliness and helps us to increase our social activities. But then, is it harmful or rather safe to vape around them. Pets and their owners have a mutually beneficial relationship, one marked by unconditional love on both sides. For people who vape in the home, they need to be aware of all dangers vaping can not...

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