5 Best Vape Flavours

Vaping, a Choice, Not a Habit

In the last few years, Vaping has taken the world by a storm. Just a few years ago, Vaping was just a niche market that was focused on helping people to kick the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. But nowadays, Vaping has become a cultural statement, hobby, and activity in which millions and millions of people are engaged all over the world.
Vaping is much safer and healthier for you than smoking the standard cigarettes. Vaping also allows you to enjoy nicotine in a new, exciting way by mixing the nicotine with fun and interesting flavours. And best of all, Vaping can help you to kick that nasty habit of smoking the same old tobacco which is arguably the worst thing you can do to your body.
But now comes the question. Which E-liquids flavours are the best? Which one's gonna give you the best and fondest experience? Well, luckily for you, we got you covered.


1. Bitter Sweet - Acai, Oranges & Mandarin

Do you like that perfect blend of bitter-sweet fruity taste? Then Bitter Sweet - Acai, Oranges & Mandarin is a perfect blend for you. This flavour will hit your head like no other. Especially if you need to cool yourself down on the hot sunny day. This "Bittersweet" taste will help you to cool your body and mind. Bitter Sweet - Acai, Oranges & Mandarin is a perfect E-liquid bland that is perfect for people who love a fruity, bitter-sweet taste. And for people who just want to cool down during the long and hot summer days.


2.Wonder Woman - Kahlua and diary Milk


Women love to feel powerful, to feel invincible and independent. But what if vape vapour could arouse those same sensations? Well, luckily, something like that already exists. Meet Wonder Woman - Kahlua and diary Milk E-liquid flavour. Energy yourself, let your body fell free and powerful anytime and anywhere. Try our unique and interesting flavour which will make every woman feel wonderful and powerful. And men, if they choose so.

3.Think Tank Bourbon- Bourbon & Cola

Coke being poured into a glass of bourbon

Let`s be real, all of us love a good drop of excellent alcohol mixed with our favourite soda drink, Cola. But unfortunately ( or maybe for a better) we can`t drink when we want. Especially, if we are on a job or doing something for which we need to be 100% concentrated and "Here" with our mind and body. But what if you could taste that amazing flavour anywhere, anytime and without any negative side effects of drinking alcohol? Luckily, you can. The Think Tank Bourbon- Bourbon & Cola E-liquid is a perfect blend of that smooth taste of bourbon mixed with Cola. You can enjoy the flavour of your favourite alcoholic beverage without any consequences. Anywhere, anytime.

4. Snoopy - Peanut Butter and Cookie Butter

If you grew up in the '90s or early 2000`s you probably heard of Snoopy and Peanut. A cute and innocent duo that stole all our hearts. But what if you could re-live that sensation with just an E-liquid aroma? Those same sensations that this silly and cute cartoon gave us all those years ago? Let me introduce you to Snoopy- Peanut Butter and Cookie Butter E-liquid. With its smooth and sweet cookie butter flavour will satisfy all of your needs for something sweet and awake those good and innocent memories of our childhood. Same as Snoopie and Peanut did from the screens of our televisions.

5. Ninja - Energy Drink & Apple

Ninja Apple and energy drinks

Do you always feel down? Tired? You need to get that boost of energy. But you heard all of those stories of negative effects that energy drinks have on your body. So you steer away from them. And you don`t know what to do? Luckily, we have a solution for this problem. Ninja - Energy Drink & Apple E-liquid that will give you that boost that your body and mind are cravings for. This E-liquid is special because it mixes the taste of something aggressive and energetic with something sweet and calming. It leaves a nice aftertaste and refreshing aroma. Perfect for people who have a problem with low energy levels during the day, or for people who are battling that "Bad breath" years on end.

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