Saving money

I would hate to know how much money I would be wasting if I still smoked cigarettes. If I knew the world of vaping earlier, I’m sure I would have had a 20% house deposit by now. It’s not just the out of pocket expenses of cigarette products it is the health cost along the way. If you’re a smoker or not and are just curious to know click on the link (calculator) to calculate your cigarette expenses. The average cost of a pack of 25 cigarettes is between $20- $30. Vapemate360 starter kits (kits) are an upfront initial cost of $130. The monthly cost thereafter is approximately $40. Massive savings not just out of your pocket, health wise also. For more information on vaping and your health, read on.

Health benefits

I’m not going to go into too much detail on the damage cigarettes do on your health. I think we all know. Though, I am going to talk about the health benefits switching to vaping can do. Firstly, did you know vaping is 95% better for your health than cigarettes? And the remaining 5% is if you use nicotine in your E-liquid. Scientists, doctors, and FDA have analysed, tested and categorized Vape products, its benefits, and risks. Vaping does not have a bad smell, stains, fire hazard issues, and you will notice an improvement in how you feel and function. The usage of a vape doesn’t suffocate your lungs but lets them breathe and expand, being gentler thanks to its vapours. Personally, switching to vaping for me took about a week of co smoking and vaping. Since then I have not looked back. Pretty easy right? The hard part was, and normally is getting my health and fitness back. Days of vigorous exercise and running for 30secs and walking on and off because I could hardly breathe. Like every unfit person smoking or not getting fit is not easy let alone working against the damage we have contributed to smoking cigarettes. It was worth the hard work.

Nicotine free vaping

Honestly, I’m personally not ready to give up nicotine. Saying that 1.5ml of nicotine in my E-juice is all I need. Did you know in Australia it is illegal to sell nicotine liquid? For me eventually setting a goal to be nicotine free is a challenge and one I will achieve. For now, I know I’ve made the right choice to switch from cigarettes to vaping. At Vapemate360 we have designed our own nicotine free E-liquid mixes and have also given our customers the opportunity to name and design their own.

Mods suited for your lifestyle

Mods come in so many different shapes, weight and sizes. It is overwhelming and hard to choose what is right for you. I am about to go onto my 4th mod. It's not to say the others were not great, I just like a change. It’s a new novelty, I guess. At Vapemate360 we have tried and tested, researched and come up with MODS that we think are best suited for anyone. From tradies to a night out and the tech lover.

Peoples uneducated opinions

Everyone has an opinion, right? How many times I have had curiosity and negativity towards vaping. It’s the ones that cannot help themselves to give their opinion and are not educated on vaping that bothered me in the early stages. Using this to motivate myself to get educated on vape products so I can spread the word and educate others to eliminate the negativity. Not everyone gets on board, but it definitely turns heads to a new healthier world. Educating the uneducated has changed lives. Lives that were long-term smokers or just starting a bad habit. Jump on board and help spread the word.

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