Breaking a bad smoking habit is one of the most frustrating things you can do, but given the tediously long list of noxious substances found in cigarettes, do you really have a choice? If you are a former smoker who has just made the switch from smoking to vaping, we would like to welcome you to the cloud-chasers club and teach you a thing or two about it.
To begin with, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best e-liquid flavours available in the market today. Buckle up, vape virgins! You are about to embark on an incredible journey of discovering delicious flavours, sensational aromas and a cleaner buzz that you are used to.


Kahlua Cream And French Vanilla

This decadent combination of Kahlua Cream and French Vanilla is a great pick-me-up for those drowsy mornings when you seem to have trouble getting out of bed. Take a few puffs with a piping hot cup of coffee and it will surely become your new morning routine!
Khalua cream and french Vanilla

Mango and Pina Colada

Every puff of this mind-blowing mango and pina colada blend is like a holiday on a lush tropical island. The smooth flavours of rich creamy coconut and freshly-cut pineapples unite with a delicious splash of sweet mango goodness in this great vape juice flavour. Enjoy it poolside while soaking up the sun or as a mood enhancer after a lousy day at work. No need to book your flight or pack your bags. Vacation is always just a few puffs away.

Apple And Crème De Menthe

This rare blend of apple and crème de menthe will floor you from the very first puff! It has an amazing flavour profile combining the fruity wholesomeness of fresh apples with the cool, minty undertones of crème de menthe liqueur. It is said to be perfect for a night of romance at home or by the poolside. We haven’t verified those claims yet, but why don’t you try for yourself?

Chocolate, Churro And Cinnamon

Happiness often tastes like a warm, buttery mix of sugar, cinnamon and chocolate and that is exactly what this yummilicious blend will make you feel. A puff of this irresistible flavour combination is guaranteed to spread a tingle of joy all over your body from head to toe. It is one of the best e-juices to have in store for those “Netflix and Chill” days when you just want to be cooped up inside watching your favourite tv shows with a huge bowl of popcorn or potato chips next to you.

Chocolate, Churro and stickman

Chocolate Peanut Butter And Cookies

Are you a sucker for peanut butter chocolate and cookies? If so, this flavour was designed just for you. Its flavour profile combines the sweet creaminess of chocolate and the tantalizing aroma of freshly-baked peanut butter cookies. A drag of this nostalgic blend will trigger childhood memories of devouring peanut butter cookies dunked in a warm mug of hot chocolate! Be sure to put it in your list of “must try's”.

Strawberry And Chocolate

When you put the words strawberry and chocolate together, a bowl of freshly-picked strawberries dipped in smooth creamy chocolate pops into mind. These two flavours pair exceptionally well together, producing rich vapours and an irresistible taste that makes you want to vape all day long. After all, everything tastes better with chocolate!

Cucumber Lemon And Blueberry

Cucumber, Lemon and blueberries

Infuse your senses with the “soul-soothing” combination of cucumber lemon and blueberries. This light yet rejuvenating blend unites the sweet flavour of blueberries and the mellow freshness of cucumbers with lemon adding just, the right amount of tart. It is almost like a power smoothie that keeps you going throughout the day.

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