Vaping is smoking an electronic cigarette or vaporizer. As the vape and e-cigarette culture begins to take over the tobacco industry, many ex-tobacco smokers are moving to vape as a preferred method of nicotine enjoyment. However, many who are now vaping have a vaping style similar to when they were smoking. This style is often not the best way to gain maximum benefit from your vape or e-cigarette. Are you wondering how to vape? What is the best vaping technique to use? Then this post is for you.

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Firstly, we need to figure out what type of vaping is going to be right for you after which we provide you with the background on the variety of styles and products. So feel confident in understanding what specific vapour products are designed to do the vaping techniques. Best vaping techniques goes thus;-

 Picking up a vape mod


For a cigarette smoker, standard vaping is the most basic and familiar type of vaping. Standard vaping merely is vaping mouth to lung, MTL, with an electronic cigarette and atomizer over 1.0 ohms in resistance. This vaping technique is also the most original, and most available technique of vaping. Standard vaping is not designed to produce maximum vapour; instead, the emphasis is on satisfying gas and convenience. With standard vaping, you will be using an e-liquid blend that is more PG than VG. The typical nicotine level range for standard vaping is 6 mg to 24 mg. How to vape with a cigarette-like is as easy as it gets.

  • Connect a new e-liquid refill cartridge to the battery.
  • Start vaping. That’s it. Very easy.
  • Once the vapour diminishes, attach a new cartridge.

How to Smoke with A Standard Mod

With a standard mod and mouth to lung style vape tank, there are sometimes a couple of wrinkles thrown at you. These wrinkles are not complicated; they are to give you the ability to customize your vaping experience. The two most significant customization options are adjustable airflow and variable voltage.

You will also need to fill your vape tank with e-liquid manually. Once again, you will want to use a 70/30 PG/VG e-liquid or a 50/50 blend. VG e-liquids are not appropriate for standard vaping with atomizers over 1.0 ohms.

With a standard vape tank, you will manually change atomizer coils. This process is easy. All you have to do is unthread the old one and thread in a new one. An atomizer coil will typically last one to two weeks.

  • Install the atomizer into the tank.
  • Fill the tank with e-liquid being careful not to overfill.
  • Connect the tank to the mod.
  • Wait at least five minutes to allow the cotton wick in the atomizer coil to become fully saturated.
  • If your mod has variable voltage or variable wattage, start vaping at a lower setting like 9 watts or 3.2 volts.
  • If your tank has adjustable airflow, adjust the airflow to suit your preferred draw stiffness.
  • After a few puffs, slowly increase the power setting until you find the most satisfying vapour.
  • Try not to exceed 4.8 volts or 14 watts.

 Climbing and vaping


What does Sub Ohm mean?

In other words, how much opposition does a coil gives the electrical current? So, sub ohm means that it is a low ohm, meaning less resistance to the electricity. This low resistance allows for a higher wattage to get huge clouds. With sub ohm or temperature control vaping, it is a different ball game. You will be vaping with atomizers with resistance levels below 1.0. You will be vaping with power settings that are much more powerful. The goal of sub ohm and temperature control vaping is to increase vapour production. For sub ohm and temp control, you will be using a vape juice that is primarily VG. It would be best if you were using an e-liquid of at least 60% VG or higher. The nicotine level for sub ohm and temp control will usually range from 0 mg to 6 mg. Because you will be inhaling much more vapour as compared to standard vaping, you will not need as much nicotine.

How To Sub Ohm Vape Technique

  • Install your coil into your vape tank, RDA or RTA.
  • Prime your coil by placing a few drops of vape juice into the wick.
  • Assemble your atomizer tank or RDA/RTA.
  • Connect your atomizer to your sub ohm box mod or tube mod.
  • If you have a tank, fill it with e-liquid.
  • Even though you have primed your wick, wait five minutes to allow for full saturation.
  • Adjust the power setting on your mod to an appropriate level.
  • If you are using a pre-built coil, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for the power setting.
  • Start vaping at the low end of the recommended power setting.
  • Inhale the vapour directly into your lungs, DL style.
  • Increase power gradually and adjust airflow as desired.

How To Vape In Temperature Control

  • Ensure you have an appropriate coil material for temperature control vaping.
  • The most common TC coil materials are nickel, stainless steel, or titanium.
  • You cannot use Kanthal coils for TC vaping.
  • Prime your coils.
  • Set your mod for temperature control vaping.
  • Follow the same steps for sub-ohm vaping, gradually increasing temperature and airflow to suit your preference.



Vaporizers come in numerous shapes and sizes. Some of them may have variable temperature settings, and some of them may be designed for dabs as opposed to dry herb. Some, like the Pax 3, will have dry herb atomizers so you can vaporize both dry herb and dabs. There is a lot to choose from.

For vaping medical marijuana, you will want your herb to be dry. If the herb is a bit moist, let it dry out before loading it into your vaporizer’s heating oven.

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How To Vape Medical Marijuana or Other Herbal Material

  • Once your herb is excellent and dry, use a grinder to break down your materials into a relatively fine grind.
  • Your vaporizer will usually come with a packing tool. Use the packing tool to load the content into the heating oven.
  • Close the oven and power up your vaporizer.
  • An indicator light will let you know when it has reached the “heat up time.”
  • Pull gently of the vaporizer and inhale.
  • Once finished, use the cleaning tool to clean out the heating chamber.

How To Vape With A Dab Pen

Using a dab pen is not like using a dry herb device. A dab is a very concentrated form of marijuana. It is a resin-like material that will gum up a dry herb chamber. You need a specially designed device or insert for dabs. The reason that people enjoy vaping dabs is the potency. Primarily, a dab or concentrate is made up almost entirely of an active ingredient. There are products like the V2 Series 3X that let you enjoy all vaping with one device. You insert the appropriate cartridge for whichever vaping you wish to indulge.

  • Use a dab tool to load the concentrate into the vaporizer heating oven.
  • Fill about ¾ of the heating chamber.
  • Try not to touch a dab with your fingers because it can degrade the material.
  • Close the heating chamber.
  • When the indicator light tells you the heat up time is done, press the fire button.
  • Pull gently and inhale.
  • For more vapour, press and hold the fire button for a second or two before inhaling.
  • Clean out the chamber after use

 vaping in hammock

Mouth to Lung vs. Direct Lung Vaping: Different Terminologies Used

Vapsters use various terms for different styles of vaping, so let’s make life easy and learn all of them before we get into details.

Mouth to Lung Hit: Mouth Inhale, Mouth Inhalation, or MLT. We’ll use MLT throughout the rest of the guide.

Direct Lung Inhalation: It includes Lung Inhale, Lung Vaping, Lung Inhalation, Direct Lung Hit, Lung Hit, Direct to Lung Hit. Additionally, it also includes Direct Lung Inhalation, Lung Vaping, or DLI. We’ll use DLI throughout the rest of the guide.

You now know the different terminologies for the two vaping styles. For better understanding, we’ll define each of them:

Definition of Mouth to Lung Hit Vaping (MTL)

In MTL style of vaping, you inhale and gather the vapour in the mouth. After a short amount of time, you inhale it into the lungs.

This style is similar to smoking cigars and traditional cigarettes or drinking soda with a straw.

Definition of Direct Lung Inhaling (DLI)

In DLI vaping, the vapour bypasses the mouth and channels it through the throat, directly to the lungs.

This style is similar to using a hookah, shisha, bong, joint, or just inhaling air into the lungs.

In conclusion, We hope the above vaping techniques; vape inhale techniques, and best vape methods will help you get the maximum benefit from your vape.

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