Ho ho ho! Our beloved Christmas is around the corner and jolly old Santa Claus will soon be here serving up joy and yummy Christmas treats. We think it’s the perfect time to stock up on exciting holiday e-juice flavours! But, why not add a twist to conventional Christmas flavours and create your own e-liquid blends this year? Celebrate this holiday season with your own personalized vape juice pairings!

We’ve rounded up a list of vape flavours that you can use to create your own e-liquid blends. They’re easy to put together and make perfect holiday gifts for the other vapours in your life.


Gingerbread man

Nothing says Christmas like the sweet and spicy aroma of Gingerbread filling your house. Soak in the festive spirit by combining flavours like cinnamon, ginger and brown sugar in the right proportions to create your own gingerbread blend! Imagine waking up to that delicious scent on Christmas morning?

Peppermint Hot Chocolate

Tired of the same old holiday party traditions? Skip the boring routine this year and throw an exciting holiday party with amazing Christmas-themed vape juices if you’re inviting friends who vape! The celebration of Christmas is incomplete without a few mugs of warm mint hot chocolate. We recommend creating your own peppermint hot chocolate e-liquid blend by combining crème de menthe with dairy milk or fudge brownie flavours. Aromatic vapour clouds of rich melted chocolate with minty undertones is guaranteed to make your holiday party a raging success. You can even convert this into a chocolate peppermint cheesecake by adding a generous dose of cheesecake e-juice.

Buche de Noel with meringue

Buche de Noel (pronounced bewsh the noel) is a classic French Christmas cake made to resemble a yule log. It is a beautiful and scrumptious sponge cake covered in rich dark chocolate buttercream and decorated with berries and meringue mushrooms. You can create your own version of the Buche de noel vape juice this Christmas by blending chocolate, meringue and a dash of French vanilla deluxe. Spread some holiday cheer among your vaper friends with a gift of this amazing DIY e-liquid blend!

Salted Caramel Coconut Cake

Vanilla cup cake

Whip up your own version of this delicious holiday vanilla cake with a smooth salted caramel sauce and cream cheese filling. You can craft this flavour quite easily by blending French vanilla deluxe, salted caramel and coconut. This flavour combination is ideal to just kick back and relax after a delicious Christmas dinner. You don’t need a dessert if you have this!



Lemon Tart With Mint Leaves

Remember Grandma’s refreshing Christmas lemon tarts? It is impossible to recreate it in the form of an e-juice without the main ingredient of love, but you can concoct a close cousin! Craft your own take on this yummy dessert by uniting generous doses of lemon, brown sugar and cinnamon along with a few drops of crème de menthe or menthol!  Lemon provides the perfect amount of tart to an otherwise sweet-smelling dessert e-juice that will keep your guests in great spirits come rain or shine!

Chocolate-Dusted Marzipan

Although Italy takes credit for it, the decadent Marzipan originated in the Orient and is a source of unparalleled pleasure for most dessert lovers. Gift yourself the joy of Christmas with a bottle of personalised chocolate-dusted Marzipan e-liquid potion. It is easy to create this smooth dessert e-liquid by combining honey and almond juices with a layer of rich chocolate.


For most of us, Christmas is about decorated homes, Christmas trees, mistletoes, stars and a pantry full of festive food. No matter what you decide to cook up in your kitchen this season, these dessert vape juices will perfectly complement the jolly mood in your home with their mind-blowing holiday flavours and scents. Don’t forget to create your own e-juice!

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