It has always been said the society would breakdown if there are no rules and order because people will abuse their privileges. Vaping isn’t left out in this.  The funny thing is that the laws and rules regard vaping varies from the country. In some countries, they are banned, and you’ll go to jail if you disobey. In some other country, they have restricted vaping. I am quite sure that you are aware that vaping is also called electronic cigarette (e-cigarette). In the United Kingdom, vaping has strict rules, and some have been licensed when used as medicine. Over time, there has been a collision between tobacco laws and medical drug policies. And an ongoing debate about e-cigarette is being pushed in some countries by the companies that produce them as they’d like social, friendly laws that will support their business.

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It is not surprising that the United States of America Department of Transportation banned vaping on commercial flights to and from the USA. This implies that one is not permitted to vape when travelling through the air to anywhere in the world from the USA. Or if one is going to the USA.

As I write this blog post, I want you to know that the legal status of vaping is pending in many countries. Brazil, Singapore, Seychelles, and Uruguay are among the countries in the world that have banned vaping. The e-cigarette is illegal to sell and is commonly available in Canada, and the ones are not containing nicotine is approved by Health Canada. So you don’t get into trouble for vaping no-nicotine composed e-cigarette.

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The sale and use of e-cigarettes by adults is legal in the United Kingdom and the United States of America. In the eighth of August 2016, the USA Food and Drug Administration stretched their regulations. This implies that the FDA will evaluate some issues, ingredients, features and health risk. They will also monitor its sell. The FDA rule restricts minors from getting or using an e-cigarette. From the rule, A photo Identity is needed to get e-cigarettes. The FDA has further exercised its power under the Family Smoking and Prevention Act and categorized vaping devices to be tobacco products. They also regulate the marketing, manufacturing, and labelling of these devices and fluids. Any vape shop ought to register with the FDA. Vaping and tobacco companies have been struggling to prevent the FDA from evaluating and banning products already in the markets.

The European Parliament passed regulations into law. These regulations require the standardization and the control of quality for liquids and vaporizers. This also involves the disclosure of ingredients in liquids and the childproofing. Some states and regional government in the USA expanded their indoor smoking bans adding e-cigarettes. In some countries have been categorized as drug delivery devices because it contains nicotine. In the USA television advertising is permitted as Vapes doesn’t contain nicotine. In some countries, the e-cigarette is synchronized as a medical product although they haven’t been approved.

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Now we have an idea of vaping, its rules and regulations in countries as a whole, let’s move on to the current legal status of e-cigarettes and e-cigarette containing nicotine in Europe.

In Europe the sale of a cartridge containing nicotine and free from nicotine are legal. And the sale of the cartridge not containing nicotine is legal; the purchase of a cartridge containing nicotine is illegal. Furthermore, the sale of e-cigarettes to under 18s is prohibited in the European Union.

Let’s look at the regulation of vaping in some countries such as:

Australia: For Australia see our link for all states as there are different rules and laws - Link

Austria: In Austria cartridges containing nicotine are categorized as medicinal products and e-cigarettes for the inhalation of Nicotine as medical devices. Therefore, Nicotine can be sold without a license from any governing body.

Belgium: In Belgium, there are loose laws, and the sale of cartridges containing nicotine are legal to a particular condition that it contains not more than 2ml. The royal decree permits the sale to persons above 16 years old.

Bulgaria: Bulgaria is another country that has loose laws. The sale and the use of vaping devices containing nicotine are legal as there are no precise regulations. So a Bulgarian can vape and not get into trouble.

Croatia: Croatia has strong vaping laws as it is banned in all public enclosed facilities. This implies that you can’t vape in a bus or any other enclosed public facility unless you wish to get into trouble. And sadly enough their law recognizes e-cigarettes as tobacco products. Also, the sale to a minor is prohibited.

Czech Republic: There is civil vaping law in the Czech Republic guiding the sale, and use by people under 18 are prohibited. And the older ones can vape till they lose track of their senses, figuratively. However, home delivery of e-cigarettes is illegal as the verification of the age of the buyer is impossible.

Denmark: The vaping laws in Denmark isn’t stringent, although advertising is prohibited. E-cigarettes containing nicotine is categorized as medical products. However, the Danish agency clarifies that when e-cigarettes are not used for the prevention or treatment of any disease, it is not regarded as a medical device.

France: The French have straightforward vaping laws. Their laws permit the sale of e-cigarettes devices, they also allow the sale of a cartridge containing or not containing nicotine, but only to people of eighteen and over. Their laws regard e-cigarettes as neither as a medicine or a medical device. Most recently the French Health Law made a list of places where smoking is prohibited, and people found wanting will pay a fine of 150 euros or more.

Germany: The sale and use of e-cigarettes are restricted to people under the age of eighteen. The use of e-cigarettes by adults is not permitted in restaurants or any other public place where they are sold.

United Kingdom: As I had said earlier on, the sale, use and advertising of e-cigarettes are legal, and as though to put smiles on people’s faces e-cigarettes are not covered by laws prohibiting smoking in public places. So you can vape in any place you wish, and you wouldn’t get in trouble for it. However, companies may choose to ban smoking or vaping if they so desired. It is always advisable to look up the rules and regulations of companies or firms before vaping. 

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