Squonking: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Squonking is literally a word that standouts way above the rest in the vaping glossary.

So, where did it come from? 

What does it mean?

Is squonking good for you?

Let’s find out.

 If you look up the term 'squonk' here is what comes up:

A squonk is a mythical creature believed to have a dropping skin with warts and other blemishes all over. Due to appearance, it was said to hide and weep. Interestingly, when a squonk was cornered, it dissolved completely into a pool of tears to evade capture.

So, what does this animal has to do with vaping?

First, 'squonk' is essentially a made-up word and it stuck.

Running and vaping

History of Squonking –how it all came about

 Squonking first came about at around 2009 as a DIY yourself project by Carlos49 –an E-cigarette forum member.

However, the name ‘squonk’ is credited to another forum member –Jacky Murray.

The first squonk mod was made using a Radio shack plastic box called the juice box.

But it only got to nearly 250 people. The demand was too high and Carlos failed to deliver.

Robert O’niell another member saw the opportunity and began creating squonk mods branded as Oreo. Hence, ReosMods became the first commercially available squonk mods.

Then squonking was rare and became a thing for high-end users. In 2015, the Geyscano squonker by Yiloong came out. After, Steam Crave’s  60W squonk mod followed.

But, it was Kanger Tech’s Drip Box that turned the tables. At $30, it became the got-to mod for all vapers. Later, the Eleaf pico squeeze followed suit and now we’re here.


What is squonking?

Let’s explain.

Squonking is a new groundbreaking style of vaping. For drippers, it’s a match made in heaven. Instead of dripping, Squonking utilizes a squonking mod and a bottom fed RDA to soak the wick.

Squonking Vs Dripping

Dripping is quite a tiresome compared to squonking. Once you’ve placed the cotton, drip the e-juice until fully saturated. After taking a few puffs the wick is dry.

You’ll need to drip more e-juice into the cotton wick. Drip carefully to avoid dripping. Soon the cotton is dry again, rinse and repeat.

Dripping can be a tedious process without a doubt. And, at the same time can be messy to the least.

Enter squonking.

Spoiler! Squonking borrows a lot from dripping.

However, instead of constant dripping, squonking has an in-built e-juice reservoir. The reservoir can hold up to 30ml of e-juice.

Unlike dripping, squonking is a more straightforward process. All you need is to squeeze the squonk bottle. Once, you’ve squeezed the e-juice is fed up directly to the Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer (RDA).

Similar to convectional vaping, in squonking the e-juice is drawn from the bottle directly to the RDA. However, the process is not automated as in sub-ohm tanks.

Normally, squonking is considered as a thing for experienced vapers only. But, don’t worry if you’re just starting out. It can also be your thing too.

Motorbike and vaping

How to Squonk - Step by Step guide

Are you ready to squonk? Let’s go.

Let’s assume you’re just starting out and have no experience in coil building. First, you’ll need the right squonking kit. Typically, a squonking kit has the following:

  • Squonking mod. Mod with an in-built e-juice bottle.
  • Squonking bottle. Made in clear plastic. Two reasons. Obviously, for easier squeezing. And, two for easier visibility; to see of the amount of e-juice left in the bottle.
  • Bottom fed RDA
  • Bottom fed 510 pin
  • E-juice

Squonk mod

Normally, there are two types of squonk mods:

  1. Regulated mods

Regulated mods come with safety features. For instance, the VV/VW chipsets. These chipsets will allow you to regulate the wattages or voltages to your preference.

Sounds good right?

  1. Unregulated mods

Unlike regulated mods, these mods provide raw power directly to the atomizer. The amount of power provided will depend on the resistance of the coil build. The higher the resistance, the more power you’ll require.

Besides, while using unregulated mods you’re responsible for your own safety. That means you have to be accurate while building coils. Note that to build coils, you must have an understanding of Ohm’s law and battery safety. 

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Now, you’re ready to squonk. Let’s look at the step by step process:

  • Squeeze the bottle gently. Not too hard. I repeat squeeze gently to avoid over-squonking. Keep squeezing until the e-juice rises to the RDA and the wicks are fully saturated. A clear cap is recommended –more on that later).
  • Release and wait for the bottle to regain its shape. The excess e-juice will be drawn back to the bottle. The sucking-back action is due to the vacuum created when you released the bottle.
  • Switch on the device. Then start vaping.
  • Squonk again. Do this when the flavor feels muted or get a burnt taste. This is definitely a sign that the wick has dried up.


You see, it’s that simple.

You can also follow this video

Is squonking good for you?

Let’s look at the good the bad and the ugly of squonking.

           Squonking –The Good

  • No more manual dripping

Are you sick of dripping every time your wick dries?

You’ll definitely love squonking. With, squonk you don’t have to constantly drip. All you need is to squeeze the bottle, then the e-juice will be delivered to the atomizer. As a result, this eliminates the need to constantly drip.

  • Minimizes risk of over-dripping

Dripping with the normal RDAs can be messy –you can relate. Take for instance, you want to vape in your office. Every time the wick dries you drip. Dry, drip. Then, you have to check out that new email.

You forget and over drip. The e-juice floods all over the place: all over your table and papers. Now, your boss is angry you’ve not completed your task. And, you too are angry at yourself.

You don’t want that, do you? Squonking will keep safe from all that hassle.

  • No need to carry your e-juice bottle

Normally, squonk mods come with 70 ml capacity bottles. That’s an entire day worth of e-juice! Unless you’re a heavy vaper. Besides, you will never have to panic that you forgot your e-liquid bottle.

  • Vape on the go

You can multi-task while squonking. For instance, you can squonk while driving. Unlike, regular RDA, you won’t be distracted while refilling every time.

                Squonking –The Bad and the Ugly

  • Unregulated Mech Mods

To be frank, most squonk mods are just mechanical. That means their power is unregulated and puts the user at risk.

For instance, let’s say you place the battery wrong. A mechanical mod won’t display an error message. Not to mention you need an understanding of Ohm’s law as we saw earlier.

  • Mod Size and Battery

Actually, size is the primary drawback of the squonk mod. It is a major concern for most vapers.

A squonk mod has the same size as a dual battery mod. However, a squonk has a battery and an e-juice bottle instead of two batteries. Thus, it only gives you half the power.  

And, that bad news for sub-ohmers. How’s that? You may ask.

Sub-ohming requires the use of low resistance coils. Hence, high wattages are needed. Remember, a squonk houses only one battery thus can’t provide that much power. Besides, one battery isn’t cost-effective.  You’ll be forced to keep buying batteries every now and then.

Dual battery mods exist but are too large and hard to find. Therefore, you can only build coils that operate at low wattages.

Throwing mod

  • Over-squonking and Under-squonking

Under- squonking might happen when your wicks are not fully saturated. This can lead to dry hits. On the other hand, if you squeeze too hard, over-squonking happens.

Your e-juice will flood all over the deck, leaks or spits back. To avoid this scenario, you should use a clear cap for easier visibility. Then you can estimate how much squeezing is needed.   


Squonking seems to the answer for a cleaner vaping experience. It has come as a relief to vapers. There’s no need to keep dripping every time you wick runs dry. Besides, you won’t risk wetting your coil anymore.

However, squonking is not for you if, you’re just starting out. If you’re a beginner, first take time to understand Ohm’s law for safe squonking.

Currently, squonking is a bit limited and still new. Be on the lookout for more advancements in the near future.

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