Sub-ohm vaping: The Definitive Guide For The Absolute Beginner

Sub-ohm vaping
Sub-ohm vaping is definitely not a word that comes to mind once you're in the vape store. Whether it's an online vape store or the traditional brick and mortar stores.

And, you know what? You can't blame yourself. Sub-ohm vaping sounds too complex and boring ( super complex for beginners).

But, let's look at it in a more interesting way.

What is Sub-ohm vaping?

Simply, sub-ohm vaping refers to utilizing devices with low resistance coils that are less than one ohm.

But, with advancement in technology the term sub-ohm has evolved too.

Today, Sub-ohm vaping also refers to direct inhalation to the lungs with devices at 0.5 ohms or lower. Hence, the name sub-ohm.

Initiallly, sub-ohm vaping was only for the experienced vapers. A basic understanding of ohm's law and coil building was and is still necessary.

Later, around 2014 sub-ohm tanks came in. Then, sob-ohm vaping became to available all users. Even to new users who had little knowledge at minimal risk.

However, sub-ohm vaping is still a controversial topic in the vaping community today. Before, we look how it works, let's look at ohm's law.

Sorry, if you're not enthusiastic about physics. We'll be done before you know it.

Ohm's law, what it states?

Ohm's law states that the electrical current flowing in a circuit is directly proportional to the voltage and inversely proportional to the resistance.

What? Now, it looks even more complex. Let's break it down below.

Basically, this means that if you increase the voltage of your battery the current will increase provided the resistance doesn't change.

Why you need to understand Ohm's law

Frankly, most users don't even have a clue about what ohm's law is. Well, don't be like them.

Normally, an understanding of ohm's law is crucial for the art of  coil building. Keep that in mind, if you're looking to build safe home-made coils.

Still confused?

Imagine a coil is like a water pipe. The thicker and wider the pipe, the more water will flow through.

Similarly, a thicker coil will allow more electric current to flow through it.

Therefore, lowering the resistance of the coil will increase the overall wattage output.

How sub-ohm vaping works

More vapor and more flavor is what makes sub-ohm vaping the holy grail for cloud chasers.

Besides, you can obtain more vapor by increasing the power output of your battery.

Guess what? That's where sub-ohm vaping comes in.

Sub-ohm vaping utilizes both Ohm's law and Joules law of electricity to produce more vapor.

For instance, if you lower the resistance in a non-variable source like a mechanical mod, the power output increases.

Now, are you wondering how do we lower the coil resistance? Do follow below.

Lowering the coil resistance

Having trouble understanding resistance?

First, ohms is the unit measurement for resistance.

Then, think of the coil wire as a road. If the road is longer and has more curves, it will take you longer to get to your destination. But, if it is shorter and wider you'll take shorter time to get there.

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Sounds interesting? Now you can pin down the factors affecting resistance as:


  •  Number of coils. A more curvy road will take you longer to get there. Likewise, increasing the number of coils will result in a higher resistance.
  • Thickness. You can lower the resistance of your coil by increasing the thickness of the wire. Thus, the more thicker the wire is, the lower the resistance. Remember, you'll need this while building could for sub-ohm vaping.
  • Surface Area. You'll take less time to get to your destination on a wider road. Therefore, if you increase the surface area of coil, lower resistance will be achieved.

However, coil resistance isn't the only factor affecting sub-ohm vaping. Other factors include:


  • Battery voltage. Voltage is the electromotive force of any power source expressed in volts. In other words, voltage is simply the power generated by your batteries.

If you increase the voltage of your batteries, the wattage also increases. In case the resistance increases, more voltage will be needed to achieve similar wattage.

  • Wattage. Wattage is the actual power output expressed in watts.As mentioned earlier, wattage increases relatively to voltage. More power produced results in more vapor and undeniably more flavor.

Is sub-ohming safe?

Well, Yes and No. Both answers can be right.

If you follow the stipulated guidelines and use quality devices, sub-ohm vaping will be safe. See? It's that simple.

On the contrary, failure to follow the guidelines could result in in batteries failing and exploding. Or even cause fires and property damage in extreme cases.

Next, let's look at the pros and cons of sub-ohm vaping.

Advantages of sub-ohm vaping


  • Warmer vapor. The higher the resistance and wattages, the more heat is produced. Furthermore, due to the high resistance,a lot of heat is emitted by the coils. Consequently, warmer vapor is directly inhaled into the lungs. If you prefer warmer vape, this is definitely for you.
  • Direct inhalation to the lungs. In sub-ohm vaping, the vape is inhaled directly to the lungs instead of mouth to lung. Therefore, sub-ohm vaping facilitates unrestricted airflow that results in big vape clouds.

You'll get a more satisfactory vaping experience while 'sub-ohming' than normal vaping. Why? More nicotine is inhaled into the lungs.

But, there's a catch.

Nicotine is very addictive. Nicotine makes you desire for more. More vape or more smoke.

Infact, just a tea spoonful of nicotine is enough to kill a baby.Hence, nicotine with lower concentration is recommended while sub-ohm vaping.

Besides, lots of nicotine going to your lungs can cause head rushes and leave a bad taste in your mouth.

  •    More intense flavour. In sub-ohm vaping a lot of e-juice is vaporized at a time. Thus, more vapor is inhaled. More vapor means more flavor. As a result, your taste buds are hit with more flavor with each puff you take. How amazing is that?
  • Better throat hit. As we mentioned earlier, in sub-ohm vaping you're directly inhaling to the lungs. But, the vape passes through the throat too. Since the vapor has nicotine, the perfect throat hit is delivered.
  • Bigger vape clouds. In sub-ohm vaping, Vegetable Glycerin e-juices are preferred. As a result they've more flavour and vape clouds exhaled are bigger. No wonder sub-ohm vaping is popular with cloud chasers for competitive vaping.

So, what is competitive vaping?

In competitive vaping, cloud chasers compete against each other to produce big vape clouds. Or even better, show off cool vaping tricks.

Today, cloud chasing competitions has become very popular especially in the United States. Competitions prizes range from thousands of dollars in cash, custom gear and endorsement deals.

However, on the flip side sub-ohm vaping has the following disadvantages:


  • The life of your atomiser will be reduced.
  • Your e-juice gets used up more quickly.
  • Reducesthe life of your battery.
  • There's a chance you'll experience dry hits.

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Sub-ohm vaping safety precautions
Your safety while vaping always comes first. Here are precautions you need to take while sub-ohm vaping

Mechanical Mod kits

For safe performance, you should always keep your mods clean. All threads, vent holes, contacts and the switch should be clean.

And, if you're not using the mod kit, keep it locked with the mod locking mechanism.

You should use a magnetic switch instead of a spring loaded switch.

Spring loaded switches are more likely to wear out and fail. Thus, if your spring loaded spring starts to feel loose, replace it immediately.

Besides, your mod kit should be well vented. However, too many or too large vents are inappropriate.


Finally, select mods with low voltage drop. Voltage drop is the voltage lost while electricity travels from the battery through the device to the coils. You can use mod kit with single piece tube, fixed position contacts and magnetic switch features. Thus, prevent voltage drop.

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You should never exceed your batteries amperage limit. By staying within the limit, you ensure your battery won't fail and explode.

Next, keep your batteries away from extreme heat or cold. You should also keep your batteries well wrapped. If the wrapper gets damaged, replace the battery. Or you can take it to the vape store to see if they can re-wrap it.

Here are our recommended batteries: 2100mah LG battery and 3000 mAh Samsung battery.


Sub-ohm vaping requires alot of care and understanding to do safely. If that sounds overwhelming to you, consider VV/VW mod kits. VV/VW mod kits ensure your battery power is regulated and keep you safe.

Plus, don't follow trends blindly. You should research before jumping into the band wagon.

Finally, remember to apply Ohm's law when building coils. If you're still interested in sub-ohm vaping, GET started HERE with the cheapest online vaping store. Amazing deals uptown 30% OFF on mod kits and FREE shipping for deals over $50.


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