Have you ever heard about vaping? Are you still in between opinions whether you should switch from smoking to vaping? You are in the right place as you’ll learn from this post how it’s not a very difficult decision to make. Switching from smoking to vaping is like reading out A, B, C.

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Vaping is also termed, “electronic cigarette” and it can be defined as the practice of inhaling and exhaling the vapour manufactured by an electronic device. This electronic device is like a long tube, and it looks like a cigarette or a pipe. Most of them can be used over and over again. They also have cartridges which can be replaced and refilled. There have been suggestions that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Researchers believe that they can make people reduce or quit smoking altogether.

Before I proceed with the main business here, I’d like to talk about the benefits of vaping.

  1. Vaping is less dangerous when compared with tobacco for smokers but likely has dangers of its own.
  2. Vaping is said to skirt through the health risks involved in smoking tobacco and cigarettes.
  3. Some studies conclude that Vaping can help someone quit smoking during the rehabilitation


How is it taken?

The user usually sucks on the mouthpiece; a radar activates a heating element which vaporizes a flavoured, liquid solution. The solution is then inhaled.

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Now we are familiar with the meaning of vaping, its benefits and how it is taken. We will move on with the goal of this post, how to switch from smoking to vaping in seven, and it is not hard as some people suspects. Do you know that vaping is fun? Or seem to be fun? It’s amazing that vaping is gaining grounds in the 21st century since its invention.

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7 Steps involved in switching from smoking to vaping

Sometimes people find it difficult to believe something when you say that it is easy. Vaping, in this case, is as easy as eating a piece of cake. Well, we are here, and the seven easy steps will be explained below:

  1. Think of this switch as a choice: Many will take this as a request made to them at gunpoint, and they’ll end up shivering and feeling stressed out even before taking the bold step to switch. Think of this as a healthier and best choice you have to make to relieve yourself the stress of running off to get a cigarette. See this as a light in the tunnel when you feel like you need to cut down on smoking cigarettes.


  1. Go for it one day at a time: Think of a baby learning to walk; he learns to sit then stand then move and keeps on falling until he gets it right. If you try and it didn’t work out on your first attempt, there is no need to lose hope and quit. You need to start slowly like a snail, vape a little instead of smoking in a few days. As you vape for more, you’ll smoke less. And in no time you’ll fully embrace vaping.


  1. Enjoy the taste of different flavours: Are you sick or tired of a particular flavour? Or you simply loathe it? Then you have nothing to worry about as there are thousands of thousands of flavours All you have to do is to request or get them from a store. Or you could even mix different flavours; it seems like a fun thing to do.
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    1. Hook up with a vaping community: there are various vaping communities that you can hook up or join. It is advisable you do this as soon as possible. You’ll get the chance to talk to your peers and learn from those who have switched from smoking to vaping. It’ll also keep you motivated as you have the feeling of belonging. Where is your shoe itching you? Why not hook up with a vaping community and share your stories?


    1. Learn to go about with a vaping kit: Don’t let your nonsmoking friends discourage you from going out with your vaping equipment. In a club, you can order for a vape and enjoy the pleasures of vaping. Sooner or later you’d realize that you made the right choice because you’ll feel a lot better and happier.


    1. Save your money with vaping: Although this might sound crazy, you are directly saving money when you vape although it could be expensive. If the calculate the costs of buying cigarette you’d realize that you are better off vaping.
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      1. Make sure you try to forget about your cigarette at home: This might sound weird, but the truth is that you’ll never vape with the cigarette around you. It will be great and better if you try to let go of cigarettes.

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      Remember you have to believe in yourself that you are capable of doing this.


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