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You've probably wondered whether it makes sense make your own e-liquid. Maybe it's because of the building up cost of e juice. For instance, if you're sub-ohmer, you can burn through 10 ml e-liquid daily. That means would spend more especially for premium e juices. Or you prefer more unique profiles like passion and melon flavored e liquids. Or even worse, your favorite e juice is always sold out. The solution; DIY e-liquids. You won’t believe how much money DIY can save. Let’s do the math. Is it cheaper to make your own e-liquid?               If you Do-It-Yourself, a 10ml of e-liquid can save up to $90 monthly. Let’s say every two days you...

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Coil Building Tips: How to build a vape Coil

Coil building can be fun. Not only for you but also your pocket –you won’t need to buy new coils every time your coil burns out. More importantly, you get to test your skills as you build by your hand. Coil building can be challenging and messy at first. But, with practice and patience, you’ll get the hang of it over time. Once, you get it right you’ll never look back. The intent of this article is to bring you to the light. Wait! We are not preaching. All we meant is that, you’ll no longer crawl through the dark in matters regarding coil building. From building simple coils to the most complicated coils like claptons. Check out Amazing deals...

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Squonking: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Squonking is literally a word that standouts way above the rest in the vaping glossary. So, where did it come from?  What does it mean? Is squonking good for you? Let’s find out.  If you look up the term 'squonk' here is what comes up: A squonk is a mythical creature believed to have a dropping skin with warts and other blemishes all over. Due to appearance, it was said to hide and weep. Interestingly, when a squonk was cornered, it dissolved completely into a pool of tears to evade capture. So, what does this animal has to do with vaping? First, 'squonk' is essentially a made-up word and it stuck. History of Squonking –how it all came about  Squonking...

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3 most common vaping health misconceptions

It is human nature to hate what’s new. It’s easy and, in the wrong circles, considered intelligent to have a default negative opinion about something you know nothing about. When your old man says vaping is worse than smoking because there is no filter, it’s infuriating but it’s tolerable. What I can’t stand, is when misconceptions, misinformation and straight up lies are perpetrated, and perpetuated by the people who are supposed to know better. In this article, we will tackle vaping misconceptions and the supposedly reputable institutions and publications lying to the public for clicks, cynical kudos and big tobacco money.   Vaping Gives you Popcorn Lung. Every pseudo-intellect should have this one loaded up and ready to go. It...

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5 Best Vape Flavours

In the last few years, Vaping has taken the world by a storm. Just a few years ago, Vaping was just a niche market that was focused on helping people to kick the bad habit of smoking cigarettes. But nowadays, Vaping has become a cultural statement, hobby, and activity in which millions and millions of people are engaged all over the world.Vaping is much safer and healthier for you than smoking the standard cigarettes. Vaping also allows you to enjoy nicotine in a new, exciting way by mixing the nicotine with fun and interesting flavours. And best of all, Vaping can help you to kick that nasty habit of smoking the same old tobacco which is arguably the worst thing...

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