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Coil Building Tips: How to build a vape Coil

Coil building can be fun. Not only for you but also your pocket –you won’t need to buy new coils every time your coil burns out. More importantly, you get to test your skills as you build by your hand. Coil building can be challenging and messy at first. But, with practice and patience, you’ll get the hang of it over time. Once, you get it right you’ll never look back. The intent of this article is to bring you to the light. Wait! We are not preaching. All we meant is that, you’ll no longer crawl through the dark in matters regarding coil building. From building simple coils to the most complicated coils like claptons. Check out Amazing deals...

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Sub-ohm vaping: The Definitive Guide For The Absolute Beginner

Sub-ohm vaping is definitely not a word that comes to mind once you're in the vape store. Whether it's an online vape store or the traditional brick and mortar stores. And, you know what? You can't blame yourself. Sub-ohm vaping sounds too complex and boring ( super complex for beginners). But, let's look at it in a more interesting way. What is Sub-ohm vaping? Simply, sub-ohm vaping refers to utilizing devices with low resistance coils that are less than one ohm. But, with advancement in technology the term sub-ohm has evolved too. Today, Sub-ohm vaping also refers to direct inhalation to the lungs with devices at 0.5 ohms or lower. Hence, the name sub-ohm. Initiallly, sub-ohm vaping was only for...

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