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3 most common vaping health misconceptions

It is human nature to hate what’s new. It’s easy and, in the wrong circles, considered intelligent to have a default negative opinion about something you know nothing about. When your old man says vaping is worse than smoking because there is no filter, it’s infuriating but it’s tolerable. What I can’t stand, is when misconceptions, misinformation and straight up lies are perpetrated, and perpetuated by the people who are supposed to know better. In this article, we will tackle vaping misconceptions and the supposedly reputable institutions and publications lying to the public for clicks, cynical kudos and big tobacco money.   Vaping Gives you Popcorn Lung. Every pseudo-intellect should have this one loaded up and ready to go. It...

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Saving money I would hate to know how much money I would be wasting if I still smoked cigarettes. If I knew the world of vaping earlier, I’m sure I would have had a 20% house deposit by now. It’s not just the out of pocket expenses of cigarette products it is the health cost along the way. If you’re a smoker or not and are just curious to know click on the link (calculator) to calculate your cigarette expenses. The average cost of a pack of 25 cigarettes is between $20- $30. Vapemate360 starter kits (kits) are an upfront initial cost of $130. The monthly cost thereafter is approximately $40. Massive savings not just out of your pocket, health wise also....

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