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You've probably wondered whether it makes sense make your own e-liquid. Maybe it's because of the building up cost of e juice. For instance, if you're sub-ohmer, you can burn through 10 ml e-liquid daily. That means would spend more especially for premium e juices. Or you prefer more unique profiles like passion and melon flavored e liquids. Or even worse, your favorite e juice is always sold out. The solution; DIY e-liquids. You won’t believe how much money DIY can save. Let’s do the math. Is it cheaper to make your own e-liquid?               If you Do-It-Yourself, a 10ml of e-liquid can save up to $90 monthly. Let’s say every two days you...

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WHAT ARE E-LIQUIDS? (And Why You Should Care)

Some users call it e-juice, others call it vape juice or e-liquid. Whatever they call it its one and the same. And, in case you’ve been wondering what they mean, we got you covered. Stay put and hold tight. Let’s dive in. E-liquid is the fluid present in vaporizers. It is normally heated between 200 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit to form the vapour that is inhaled while vaping. Vape juice is a mixture that contains a PG or VG base, water, food grade flavourings, and nicotine. However, the e-liquid may be with or without nicotine.

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