Nicotine Please!?

So you have purchased E-Liquid but wish to add nicotine to the mix? Well...

The purchase of Nicotine is currently against the in Law Australia... So we can not sell it on this site. However, we can make recommendations on where you can purchase the best highly sort after Nicotine liquid for all your mixing needs:

How much nicotine do I mix in? Try this calculator for help. Vapemate360 does not have any affiliate connections with these businesses, but we do recommend them from our buying history with them. We do highly recommend them.

Make sure you are up to date with the best way to mix in Nicotine. Always place you and the ones around you in a safe environment as this is a highly toxic chemical. Here is a link video on how to mix safely going by the weight method which is what most people tend to do.

There are some reports out there that Vaping with nicotine is at least 95% less harmful than smoking and encouraged in countries such as UK, Sweden, New Zealand, USA, and many, many more. In Australia its consider a crime to sell diluted nicotine e-liquids, yet you can still purchase Tobacco cigarettes which not only contains nicotine but a mixture of deadly chemical. Crazy RIGHT?? I think so. Let's hope our country catches up soon!

Read more at the Australian government website - Australian Department of health.

Want to know more about nicotine? Click here.

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