Make the Switch from Smoking to Vaping Calculator

Use this calculator to discover just how much money you can save if you swap from smoking to vaping. You will be shocked at just how much money you are able to save while swapping your old habit for a new one. Also, you will feel the dramatic changes in your health right away. For some people the swap is easy and for others, it's a gradual move.

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● Make the switch to the healthier option ● Discover your savings by making the change ● Follow others in leading a better life

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Smoking to Vaping Calculator


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Vaping Recipe Calculator


This Vaping Calculator will be the last one you ever require. As we can not buy E-Liquids already containing "Nicotine" in Australia. We therefor in some cases need to mix it in ourselves. Those requiring nicotine to help themselves become less reluctant to smoke and use cigarretes alltogether.

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● Automatically makes the calculations for you, saving you time ● Enables you to know how much is required for each mixing liquid ● Make exact measurements

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